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Recognition for October 2015

Building a Home-Based Business: Formula For Success

Check out these words of wisdom from Leigh Anne Wilkes:


I had the blessing of spending 20 years in the direct sales industry. When I began my business, I had three small children and added a fourth to the mix a few years into my business. During those years I was able to maintain my first priority, which was my family.

The most important decision I ever made about my home-based business was to treat it like a business. During those 20 years, I had the privilege of leading a team of more than 700 people (mainly women). The biggest complaint I got was “I’m not making any money!” To that I would respond, “A hobby costs you money, and a business makes you money—which do you want?”

If you want a business (something that makes you money), you have to treat it like a business, and that means having a business plan — a formula for success. Today I’d like to share with you the formula for success that I used for 20 years. This formula includes three things: Time, Action and Commitment.

Time: How many hours a week are you going to work your business?

You can work your business full time or part time but not in your spare time. Who has spare time? I truly believe that you can build a successful direct sales business on 10 hours a week. The key is that those 10 hours are spent in the most important part of your business, what author Richard Carlson calls “the critical inch.”

The critical inch includes 3 things:

1. Showing the product
2. Sharing the business opportunity

3. Following up

If you have a limited amount of time for something, the worst thing you can do is to focus on the wrong parts of your business. I did not feel, even as a young mom, that finding one to two hours a day to spend on my business was beyond my reach. I often took the Thomas English Muffin approach and worked my business in the “nooks and crannies of life.” I would get up early, go to bed late, work during nap times and yes, even hire a babysitter for a few hours a week.

Action: How many home events or presentations are you going to do each month?

My goal was always four home parties a month. For you, it may be getting yourself in front of a group of people or just one person. I felt that an average of at least one event a week was necessary to build a business. The important thing is that you are getting yourself in front of people, that you are opening your mouth and that you are sharing your product and opportunity.

The most important things for your business happen when you are in front of people:

1. Exposure to new customers

2. Increased sales
3. Schedule more events
4. Recruit

Basically, you can’t succeed without them!!

Commitment: Do something for your business every day!

From the very beginning of my business I made a commitment to always do one thing for my business every day. I remember the co-founder of our company saying,

“It is the day to day faithfulness that will make you successful.”

I took that to heart and made the commitment. Some days that one thing was making a presentation, some days it was making a phone call or two, and then there were those days that all I could manage was filing away some paper work. But I was doing something, and I was keeping my business in front of me on a daily basis. It is just like the gym. You can’t go to the gym and work out really hard once a month and expect to see results. Those results come when we do a little bit every day and are consistent.

So it comes down to three things: Time Action Commitment.

For me that translated into my Success Formula of 10-4-1. I would spend 10 hours a week, four events a month and one thing everyday. Fill in your own numbers—it is your business after all—and come up with your own Success Formula!

As always, feel free to let me know if there is anything I can do to help you make your business the success you want it to be!

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I'm so excited to have you on our team!

These girls joined us in October!!

  • Nichole Giddings (Sponsored by Melissa Leistico)
  • Suzanne Winterfeld (Sponsored by Kimberly Lindon)
  • Amanda Powers (Sponsored by Kacey Jansma)
  • Christine Upchuch (Sponsored by Katie Clements)

Team Recognition

(Top performance on our team for the month of October)

Top $ales - Personal Volume- ($600 +)

  1. Cindy Hall $4548
  2. Kacey Jansma $1890
  3. Nicole Shaughnessy $1466
  4. Melissa Leistico $1374
  5. Marsha Guinn $1189
  6. Jessica Blevins $1033
  7. Darllea Hoopingarner $959
  8. Terra Virgilio $921
  9. Kerry Rumple $897
  10. Beth Cash $803
  11. Joann Schlicht $767
  12. Peggy Hornbrook $733
  13. Aubrey Sears $668
  14. Christine Upchurch $644
  15. Samantha Brown $621
  16. Chelsea Kelley 602
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THEME PARTY IDEAS for the upcoming months!!

Smore's & More

Come and enjoy a little Fall Fun. Have the fireplace going, maybe a bonfire, and make smore's! Have different options like Peanut butter cups, Herseys, and more!
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Thirsty Thursday

This has been so much fun!! Every guest brings their favorite beverage. Doesn't matter if it's Apple Cider or Spiked Cider! Anything and everything is welcome. Ladies enjoy the night!
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Every guest invited brings their favorite bottle of wine to share! Give a prize to those that participate.
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Are YOU providing a Personal Shopper service to your customers?

CHALLENGE: Create a Personal Shopper video for your customer base! Share it on our Team Facebook Page.


Hi, My name is _________________ and I want to be YOUR personal shopper this Holiday Season. If you haven't seen a Thirty-One Catalog recently, you're missing ALL of the amazing options we have for all of those friends and family you have on your shopping list. I'd love to share with you some of my favorites for gift giving!

- For that girl who has everything: Here is our Jewelry Keeper! It has plenty of space for all of her favorite jewelry pieces, including earrings and rings in these top snap straps.

- For that Grandma that seems hard to shop for: Our Apron from our Holiday Flyer. You can personalize this to make it mean more for her as well.

- Oh, this is a great stocking stuffer: Here is our Mini Uptown Pouch! I love this pouch for EVERYTHING! I keep one in my purse with pens, lip gloss, lotions, chargers and more! You could use one for your maybe as well! It's just such a great size!

- If you're looking for a bag that is a must have for everyone to give as a gift, you're best bet is going to be the Large Utility tote! It's one that you can use for groceries, laundry, closet storage and more!

Don't forget when you shop with me for your Holiday Gifts this season, you could earn FREE Products, tons of specials and more! I've loved having you as a customer and I can't wait to help you with your shopping!


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Chelsea's Stats: October

Personal Volume: $5375

Parties: 6

Recruits: 0

Total Downline Sales: $48,248

Total Downline Parties: 89

Consultants in downline: 122

Gen 0 Sales: $29,361

Gen 0 Parties: 50

Consultants in Gen 0: 62

(Gen 0 means that you are on my team, not separated by another Director.)

3 "paid at' Directors

6 Senior Consultants

Chelsea Abu-Seir

Executive Director, Thirty-One

My office hours may vary week to week. BUT...I'm available for YOU! Please let me know if you need anything at all or would like to set up a coaching call. Remember, I don't know you need help unless you ask!