a small,slow primate that is very dangerous

Little Mammals

The slow lorises scientifice name is NYCTICEBUS .The lorise is fond in southern india. They can live in a place called "The dunum Borneo."The Lorise lives in tree up to about 40 meters high. They smell like new books. They smell like  this to mark their tarotory.lories live 1o to 25 years.They are small and only about 35 cm long.This animal is very shy  so its hard to find them at any time of day.their tails are short and they are adoribal.Lastley lorises are very senitive to fighting and mean people.


The slow lorise eats a stedey diet of small and large insects, fruits, plant and the gross part small lizerds(if they can get the lizirds with their slow speed). The loris in the picture is eating a rice ball. Of course they dont get them in the wild, because people make the balls of rice for them by hand.
Slow Loris eating a Rice Ball


Danun vally is in south aisa close to Tabin(on a map) but very far away in the real world. the jungles in the vally are the homes of many primates and other little criters,but most imprtant it is the home of the slow lorises.

food web

this is a picture of the slow loris's food web. the top of the food web is the humans that kill the loris's and sell them. Next is the loris that is posies. after the loris is its prey witch is small lizard and incests. Lastly the incests eat plant and bark.

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