American Revolution

By: Christopher, Emily, Brandon, Laura, and Zak

Taxation Q&A - By: Christopher

Some question you may have are… What is taxation? Why are you getting taxed? Who is taxing you? What happens if you don’t want to pay the tax? How did the colonists boycott when they didn’t agree with the taxes?

Taxation is when someone is making you pay extra for everything you buy. You are getting taxed because the British is in debt from the war. When you don’t to pay the tax you they will put taxes on more things. These things include, wool, imported good, and tea. Many colonists boycotted because they didn’t want to pay the taxes. Some types of boycotts were the Boston tea party, teasing the British tax collectors, refusing to buy taxes goods, making their own instead, and many other boycotts.

In the end the boycotting paid off, and the British stopped taxing the Colonists. JJ

The Intolerable Acts- By: Laura

Extra Facts:

The Intolerable Acts was The patriot name for an inflicting punishment laws passed by the British parliament. Most of those laws were because of the boston tea party. These laws were used to punish the Boston Colonists for all of the money wasted on the tea that was pushed into the harbor.

The parliament became fed up with all of the conflict between their home country and the “Americans”. These acts helped when lots of money was lost after 342 things of tea were dumped into the Boston Harbor.

The Intolerable Acts may have also been called Coercive Acts.

The Patriots View:

“We were being taxed, only the many that were there at the party knew why…”

We had caused so much trouble with the tea that the Parliament decided to pass laws called The Intolerable acts. They punished us for our “foolishness” when it came to all of the tea poured out and the 342 barrels of it wasted.

Why the Sons of liberty did this, we have no clue… all we know is they did it and caused much trouble. The date the intolerable acts were created was May 10, 1773.


In conclusion, The Intolerable Acts was The patriot name for an inflicting punishment laws passed by the British parliament. Most of those laws were because of the boston tea party. These laws were used to punish the Boston Colonists for all of the money wasted on the tea that was pushed into the harbor. I have hoped that you have liked this and have learned what the intolerable acts were.

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The Stamp Act -By: Emily

Stamps, stamps, stamps. That one thing that gets our mail to where it needs to go. We buy stamps every day. Everything was going fine, people were sending their mail exactly where they wanted it to go. Then, we heard the British might put taxes on our stamps. That’s ridiculous! The British can’t do that! We were enraged. The men decided to start “The Sons Of Liberty” which was a group who strongly disagreed with the taxes the British were putting on everything. The Sons Of Liberty was lead by Samuel Adams.

The women didn’t want to miss out. They created a group called the daughters of Liberty. They strongly disagreed with the taxes too. Together, they boycotted by not buying any stamps. Of course, this came with a penalty. The British eventually stopped taxing us, but then they started taxing us on other things. These things were Tea, wool, imported goods, and many other things that we bought all the time.

The British were really getting annoying now. They had taxed us, and taxed us, and taxed us some more. They just didn’t quit. Soon, they started sending Red Coats to watch Boston, all day, all night. We hated this. We started teasing the British, and maybe, we pushed it a little too far by throwing ice and stones at them. We made them very mad. Enough for them to fire a shot at one of our few men. The shot heard around the world. That, was what started the American Revolution.

The American’s were defenseless. Wearing only their farm clothes and using only their farm tools, they ended up winning the American Revolution, with the help of their allies, The French army. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence, which declared that the USA was a free, independent country, and that all men were to be treated equally. They signed a peace treaty with the British, and after all the fighting, and all the war, we got peace and independence after all!

Imported goods: An imported good is a good that is shipped in from somewhere else.

Penalty: A penalty is like a punishment for something you did.

Enraged: Enraged means that you are very mad or furious.

Peace Treaty: A peace treaty is when two or more Countries sign a paper that says that they have peace between each other.

The Boston Massacre- By: Brandon

Now let me start off with some definitions. I will first define loyalists. A loyalists is someone who is loyal to someone, or a maybe a ruler, or the government. The second thing that I should define is The Boston Massacre. The Boston Massacre is a time on March 5th, 1770, when a street fight happened. No, not that kind of street fighting. It was with snowballs, stones and sticks. This street fight was against British soldiers.

I think that I need to define one more word. That one word that I need

to define is the word patriots. Patriots are people who fight for what they think is right. So the patriots were the ones who were in this street fight that were on our side. The loyalists didn’t even bother with this street fight, because the loyalists had to be loyal to The British. The loyalists were afraid to fight in the fear of being executed. So obviously, the loyalists decided not to fight and were not in this fight in Boston.

So this what it was like for the loyalists for this fight. The loyalists just sat back and watched history of this fight go by. In my opinion, it would be nice if other people actually helped in this street fight, or as I like to call it, street war. I like to call it a street war because it involved multiple people on each side. But that’s just my opinion. Which side would you like to be on? As you probably could guess, I’d like to be on the side of the patriots.

Nevertheless, that’s beside the point. The loyalists were actually quite important. now you’re probably thinking, “Brandon! What the heck are you thinking? Why is it always you?” I have my points though. If the loyalists were all patriots. We would all be conquered in 5 seconds flat. How you ask? Because The British would just start the war really early,

and we would be unprepared. Basically a surprise attack. Then America wouldn’t be the America it would be today. It would probably be ruled by the British themselves. So I have to give the loyalists some credit. Besides, history would be entirely different. So this is what March 5th, 1770 was like. A very historical moment.

The Boston Tea Party- By: Zak

The Boston Tea Party

By: Zak

The Patriots were mad at us because we were putting taxes on tea, but overall, we had our reasons! We had to get out of debt! We came up with the idea of getting this money we needed, from the colonists! We started taxing them on many things, like tea.

Unfortunately, the colonists thought we were stealing their money, and they started throwing rocks and ice at us. They created the sons and daughters of liberty, and they came up with a secret plan. They came to the Boston Harbor and poured all the tea on our ships, into the water!

We were super mad! we came up with the intolerable acts to punish them. We figured that that would make them stop boycotting, but it just made things worse. They started boycotting more, and that caused battles to begin.

In the end, the Americans joined with the French, and they wrote the Declaration of Independence, and we made peace. I think that peace is all we wanted in the first place, so I think that everyone was fine with peace between the two countries.

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