Freaky Fast Frankie Joe

By: Lutricia Clifton

Recommended to people that like adventure books. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars.

A Texas Bluebonnet Award 2013-2014 Master List Title



Frankie Joe has to leave Texas to go live with his dad in Illinois because his mother had to go to jail. Frankie Joe’s mom went to jail for getting drugs for someone and she would get paid for doing it. So when Frankie got to Illinois he found out that he has 4 mean stepbrothers named Little Jonny, Mark, Matt, and Luke. Frankie Joe's brothers make fun of him because he doesn't do so well in school. Frankie Joe went to school and met a girl named Mandy, she is Frankie Joe’s friend. Later that night he makes an escape plan to Texas where his mom lives. Frankie Joe starts to work at a pizza place to earn money for his escape plan. Frankie Joe gets called Freaky Fast Frankie Joe because he delivers pizzas so fast on his bike. Frankie Joe gets a lot of money to buy things that he needs (tarp, clothes, pans, bungee cord) for his trip back to Laredo, Texas. One day his father comes and tells him that his mom got out of jail and she meets up with him in hopes that his mom will take him back to Texas. Frankie Joe’s mom leaves him with his dad. His dad explains that soon you will see that was a good choice for you to stay with me because you do better with me then with your mom. In the end Frankie Joe got to move up a grade in school because he was doing so well in fifth grade.


Text to Text Connection

Once I saw someone being bullied on a TV show. This person was getting picked on just because they didn't belong much like what happened to Frankie Joe when we got to Illinois. Frankie Joe's 4 step brothers did not like him and so they threw his pants in the toilette and said he wasn't smart.

Freaky Fast Frankie Joe Book Trailer