Introduction Of

A New Cooling Tower De-scaling Technology

HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA January 11, 2016 – Based upon the science of Electro-chemistry and the process of electrolysis a new approach to descaling of cooling tower waterways has been developed.

Innovative Designs and Technology Japan has master-licensed Innovative Designs and Technology USA this new device, process and branding—ElectroLife. The product is U.S. patented and currently being successfully sold and leased in Japan. IDT Japan has been deemed one of the top 5 innovative companies in Hamamatsu, Japan, the birthplace of Toyota, Honda and Yamaha or all global brands.

ElectroLife is a stand-alone unit mounted near the water reservoir of a cooling tower. Utilizing a small pump and extracting water from the reservoir, the water is circulated through the ElectroLife unit and process. With water having been exposed to a strong form of electrolysis, the water chemistry of ionic product has been enhanced. With this enhancement, a higher level of dissociation occurs and thereby successfully breaking down the scaling found in waterways. After the breakdown, the scaling is sent to drain.

As the new water entering the cooling tower is directly exposed to the cathode of the electrolysis process, calcium is attracted to the electrode and collectively sent to drain. With these two actions, the cooling tower water ways become pristine and scale free. As a direct result of this, energy costs are reduced in a range of 25~35%, rust is eliminated and all of the benefits of a pristine cooling tower are re-established.

ElectroLife is U.S. patented and a highly-promising technology. It is the objective of IDTusa to create two forms of businesses. 1. To provide Cooling Tower Maintenance Companies with the ability to lease or sell the ElectroLife, and, 2. To have Cooling Tower Manufacturers incorporate the ElectroLife process into new cooling towers.

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