Living The Real Life

Story behind Henry James the Realist

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Henry James (1843-1916) Bio

James was known best for his novels about Americans interacting with Europeans. He spent most of his writing career in Britain, even though he was born in Washington Place, New York. He wrote realistically because he thought that it had more action, are more important and interesting. James moved from American to Europe frequently during his twenties. He had finally settled in England one year before his death. His first published work was a review of a stage performance, "Miss Maggie Mitchell in Fanchon the Cricket," published in 1863.

This Curse- Henry James

He sits in his room

Startled by what he sees
Not knowing what to think
Not knowing what to believe

The trembling he feels
Strickins pain inside
He can't run from his fears
He has no where to hide

'What is this curse
that has fallen on me'
'What did I learn'
What did I see

He knows so little
He suffers so much
He hears every whisper
He feels every touch

Finally he gives in
To whatever he's done
The game still continues
But no one has fun