The CIA Review

Office of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Edition 5 November 20, 2015

Spotlight on Strategies

Table Top Texting

This teaching strategy requires students to think critically about a video segment or reading passage. Students use a texting format on paper to communicate with each other about the content. This strategy is a great way to engage students in the content using a form of communication that makes up an integral part of their day. The strategy also encourages students to think and respond on a higher level.

Download the PDF version of the strategy or watch the strategy in action below.
Table Top Texting
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Global Collaborative Holiday Celebration

Every year, citizens around the world celebrate a variety of holidays commemorating people, events, places, or things. Holidays unite people around ideas, beliefs, and customs. Join Discovery Education for a collaborative project which will allow your students to compare holidays celebrated around the world.

Click here for the project website where you can find classroom activities and resources. Watch the video below to see how technology is integrated in this project.
Celebrate the Holidays
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Winter Magnetic Poetry

Engage your students in creative writing by using this Google Slides template. Students can drag and drop the provided words to create their own poems. Challenge them to create a haiku or create their own template of magnetic poetry using Google Slides.

Make your own copy of the template found here.

Source: Shake Up Learning

Google Chrome Apps

What are Chrome Apps? Apps are often enhanced shortcuts that optimize the website or app within the browser. You must be running Chrome as your internet browser. Here are a few great educational Chrome Apps I found this month.

Build with Chrome - build with LEGO bricks using Google Maps as your base plate.
eduCannon - transform video content you find online by adding your own questions and then monitor the students' responses.
Kaizena - give your students verbal feedback on their assignments.