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A quick and easy way to highlight quotes and short poems

I came across this website from an elementary school librarian's tweet and found it fun to create signs of quotes or even classroom directions. Your creations could be hung up in your classrooms for motivation or to emphasize directives. Your students could use this site for an assignment, such as taking a meaningful quote directly from their reading, picking an image to go with it, and sharing their reasoning on why they picked their quote and their image. Or for a bit of thinking, have students choose a character from a book or historical figure from the history they are studying and create a quote that they believe that person would say.

This flyer was made by using Smore offers a creative way to create flyers for events or news bulletins. It's fun and creative, and your students can use it too! Just image what would Great Gatsby's party flyer look like!! Or check out this flyer created to explain the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments: