A Changing Society, A modern World

The War Ends/GI Bill Of Rights And A Changing World

  • World War II ended in 1945. Fifteen million servicemen and women returned home after the war.
  • In 1947, almost half the students enrolled in college were World War II veterans.

We Like LikeIke! Kansan In White House/ Eisenhowers America

  • Eisenhower got along with both political parties, so both Republicans and Democrats wanted him to candidate for president in the United States.
  • Eisenhower brought peace and prosperity.

The 1951 Flood

  • Heavy rains of the 1951 were extreme and dangerous. The floods killed 19 people and left hundreds injured.
  • Volunteers filled more than 50,000 sand bags.
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  • The temperance tornado was a group that traveled 1,500 miles in 12 days working against the rebel of prohibition.
  • In the 1950's the popularity of television spread across the nation.
  • The flood of 1951 changed the Kansas landscape.
  • October 16, 1949 WDAF-TV became the first television station in the Kansas City area.