Cameron Hillman

Amoeba in motion
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They eat by surrounding its prey with its pseudopodia. It reproduces by binary fission, or splitting its self it two. It moves by its pseudopodia (false foot).
Volvox Dances
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It moves my flagella. It reproduces, if its a girl colony, when its ready it explodes and lets all of the cells out. The Volvoxes have chlorophyll and makes its own food.
Flexible Movement in Euglena 2
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It makes food for its self with photosynthesis. It moves with a flagellum. It reproduces by splitting its self into two. If it can't get to any sunlight it with eat other organisms.
Movement of Paramecium
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It moves by cilia, and it eats by using its oral groove. It reproduces by dividing its self into two. Its bigger that a amoeba and looks like a shoe.