The Preschool Learning Center

Friday, March 18, 2016

Day two Was Awesome and good end to Week!!!

The children in the morning entered to start off with free time, making Fridays, Funday Friday. After free time with the first class or set of special friends, Circle Time was about pretending as Mrs. Wolff read a new book, I am Not a Frog by Mo Williems and had the children pretending with their special friend. They then made "Glyphs" showing their favorite color, shape, and many other things about them in a discreet way. Intro projects were also continued. After snack, Child Care came in to continue their lessons on the five senses by having the children detect smells and make touch boxes with the boxes you provided us. An awesome start to what we hope will be a great session.

The Preschool Learning Center

The afternoon closed the day successfully as well.

The afternoon program came in and did the same free time and Circle Time program as mentioned above. After snack, the Child Care class had the children write their letters onto a circle--one letter per circle as they will be making a caterpillar of their name. Unfortunately we only had time for part of their lesson which will continue next week. They did an awesome job, however and we were all proud. We also celebrated several birthdays in both AM and PM classes. Everyone is getting old!!