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Expedite Mesmeric Architecture and Kamsutra Temples

Khajuraho is a town situated in Chattarpur district of Madhya Pradesh. Sometimes state is also known as heart of India. From New Delhi medieval period town is just 620 Km and is becoming major destination for tourists because of its group of temples and sculptures carved on the interior and exterior side of temple walls.

History of Gothic Art

Brajugar who earlier used to rule northeastern part of Rajasthan moved further more eastward towards central India. Earlier region which was ruled by them was known as Dhundhel or Dhundela. After moving in central part of country they started calling themselves Chandela specifically for those who have the gotra of Kashyap and belongs to ruling clan. These Barjugars served as servants to Gurjara and Pratihara Empire in north part and they remained till 500 CE to 1300 CE. Ruling dynasty of Gurjars and Pratiharas also constructed several magnificent monuments during their own era.

From 10th to 12th century Chandela made their capital city in Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho. Hindu dynasty was ruling the nation and Kaljingar was their political capital. This mesmeric group of structures was built 200 years ago from 950 to 1150. One cannot see any fort because Chandelas never stayed in their cultural capital.

Group of Interest

v Kandraiya Mahadeva Temple

v Lakshmana Temple

v Chaturbhuj Temple

v Duladeo Temple

v Vamana Temple

v Lakshmi Temple

v Nandi Temple

v Parvati Temple

v Vraha Temple

Description of two Most Magnificent Shrines

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple: One of the largest Hindu Temple is best example of preservation which was built in archaic time. Shrine is principal in Western group built by Vidhyadhara who was the greatest Chandela ruler. Main spire or sikhara is risen up to a height of 31 M depicting mount Kailash abode of Lord Shiva surrounded by 84 miniature spires also known as Urushringas. Shiva Lingam is inside the temple which makes people feel presence of god in life. UNESCO has declared this shrine as World Heritage Site.

Devi Jagdamaba Temple: Shrine is constitution of total 25 groups of temples built by Chandela Rulers from 10th to 12th century. Temple is decorated in its finest way and several erotic sculptures carved on it. Inside the temple is huge idol of Goddess Devi.

People also named these temples or monuments as Kamsutra Temple because several sex postures are depicted on walls of angelic shrines. Tourists can now visit the place through Taj Mahal Tour Khajuraho India and experience elegant beauty of beautiful mausoleum with divine temples.