This is NO April Fools!!

"Spring into April" Booking Incentive!

No more Foolin' Around....Let's "Spring" into Action in April!!

Don't know about you, but I am PUMPED after watching the Summer Webinar last night with Jessica & home office!
I'm ready to ROCK OUT April and I want YOU to join this HAPPY, JOYFUL Bandwagon!

I am so happy to look at the 10 day forecast for weather and not see ANY freezing weather!
The 30 day forecast for YOU looks super bright too - It's one of the best months to book and sponsor!

Let's do a little celebrating for BOOKING this month!

Here's How it Works: ALL EFFORTS will be recognized!

There will be a "Spring" picture on our team page for you to post the following starting TODAY to April 7th!

1. For every 10 phone calls or in-person asks you make (yes, this includes asking your trunk show guests this week!),
See below: How could YOU book up your April! 15-30 min./day
FYI, voicemails count towards your 10. This is your highest value activity and will actually require the least amount of work for the best results :) Push yourself out of your comfort zone and give it 10 tries. (no group emails or FB posts. Remember: "When you invite everyone, you basically invite no one." Anita Krpata, VP of Field Development) - ONE entry for every 10 calls/asks

2. Every NEW IN PERSON trunk show you Book for APRIL - TWO entries

This incentive will last until April 7 at 5 pm. How great will you feel rolling into your local team meeting with a full April calendar!?!

I'll give out fun prizes all week along the way, and all entries will be entered to win. Min. 5 NEW bookings as a team required.
$100 in product credits for the NEW line!

FLIP for April!!! Want EVEN MORE??

Starting TODAY - April 30th your sales & sponsoring will count towards entries for my FAVORITE flips flops! Tory Burch!!!!
You'll LOVE these for your summer the beach, cottage or just hanging around your backyard!

So start DOUBLE DIPPING this week!!!

EVERY $500 retail sales in April ($500)- ONE entry
Sponsor a NEW Stylist in April - 3 entries - with the April Sponsoring Special, you'll be sure to grab a couple of ladies onto your team!
Qualify your new stylist in April - 3 MORE entries

Simple! Wear it, Share it, Sell it & bring on a friend or two to run a fabulous business with you!

You will see a picture of Tory Burch Flip flops on our Pearl Gems page. POST your sales and new stylists under this pic!

What to Say!

I truly don't believe there are any magic words to say to a potential hostess. YOUR voice, and your reasoning for reaching out to her are the best things to say. But just to give you an idea here are two "scripts" that worked for me this past week!

(1) Trunk Show Guest from February who did not order:

Hi Stephanie! How are you? So great meeting you at Kim & Wendy's Style Session on Sunday. Thank you for coming!
I hope you enjoyed the Stella & Dot collection! It's so much fun to play dress up for a couple of hours!
I know we just talked briefly about doing your own Style Session, just wanted to touch base. You looked AH-mazing in every single piece! I'm totally serious! Not many can pull that off!
Let me know if you are interested in gathering a few girls together, drink wine and shop for Spring! My job is to get you as much FREE product as possible!!! My hostesses earn an average of $250 in FREE jewels PLUS 50% off shopping!
No planning is required. 1.5-2 weeks notice to get the "Buzz" out! That's it! Simple snackies and wine. Done and I can get you FREE jewels & bags!!!!
Here are some of the April Specials Happening: (insert pics) Cheers! Claudia (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

(2) Old potential customer who I just see on FB, haven't seen or talked to her in a very long time.

I am just saying hi and checking in with you! You are someone I'd always love to get together with again and I wanted to see if we could get your friends together for a super easy trunk show! I know your friends are like mine and are dying to think spring - and our new collection is the perfect thing for those craving a little lift to their wardrobe. I'd love to share it with y'all and get you a ton for free for hosting! Let me know if we can compare calendars. Would love to get together with you! best, claudia

Booking Images to Use!

Here are some easy and quick images to share with your potential hostesses!

How could YOU book up your April?

Want a way to reach out to your "Who Do You Know" List in a manageable, bite-size way each week? Follow the plan that THE Danielle Redner follows.
Sunday: Warm-up 2 potential hostesses, check in with upcoming hostesses.
Monday: Follow up with Sunday, Warm-Up 2 More
Tuesday: Follow up with Monday, Warm-Up 2 More
Wednesday: Follow up with Tuesday, Warm Up 2 More
Thursday: Follow up with Wednesday, Warm Up 2 More
Friday: Follow up with Thursday, Warm Up 2 More
Saturday: Follow up with Friday

That's it - how much time would that take each day? 15-30 minutes at the most.
EVERYONE has 15-30 minutes a day they can carve out for their business. It's what you want right - more trunk shows? Then carve out the time to warm up and follow up and you'll see bookings on your calendar!

Always "TRY"!! You'll be AH-mazed!

So many of you have set some RENEWED & REFRESHED goals.
They are YOUR's no matter what they are! You can make any of that a reality, you just have to be willing to work for it. And you have to be willing to promise yourself that you WON'T GIVE UP. I honestly believe the "secret" - if there even is one - to this business is that you just can't ever give up. You have to keep at it, and believe enough that what you are doing is worth it, and it matters, and you can do it. Because it is, it does, and you can.
So let's do it together. It's SPRING and I'm so excited to see what you're going to do with it. Let's work together to make those dreams come true baby!

It's ALL about TEAM EFFORT!! Together we are better!

If you need coaching calls, I would be thrilled to talk to you about your dreams & goals!