Miss Heather's Class~Week of January 25, 2016

This week, we continued our focus on Winter which finally began to look like Winter!! We enjoyed a couple of days in the snow: building snowmen, making snow angels, and generally having some cold outdoor fun. We have placed our order for more snow as soon as possible!


It was all about snowmen today! We read Bob the Snowman and traced and colored our own snowmen. We also practiced our sequencing skills with snowmen today. In the Work Room today, Mackenzie, Corinne, and Abigail enjoyed exploring the snow table together while Eli and Lily D. put amazing structures with the Wedgits. Ella, Finn, and Nolan worked with Miss Trish on sequencing snowmen. Today was Mackenzie's special day and she chose "The Goldfish Song" for us to enjoy!


We continued our focus on snowmen by reading The Snowman Flap Book and creating our very own paper plate snowmen. Faye, Finn, Vivien, Lily B., and Lilliana traced and colored their own snowmen with Miss Trish while Scarlet, Ben, and Abigail played with the blocks and the people on the rug. Mackenzie headed over to the Writing Center to practice her writing and Eli joined her after he finished the number match game. It was Vivien's special day today and she and her mom brought in homemade blueberry muffins for us to enjoy~yum! Then we bundled up and headed out into the snow!


Today we read Animals in Winter and made birdfeeders for our animal friends to enjoy. We also made edible snowmen using rice cakes, cream cheese, carrots and Craisins. Yum! In the Work Room, Mackenzie and Lily D. worked on a seasons puzzle together while Lilliana, Corinne, and Ella built some amazing towers with the Wedgits. Nolan, Ben, Scarlet, and Eli made snow collages using spools, white paint, and doilies. It must be muffin week (yum!!) because Scarlet and her mom (it was Scarlet's special day) brought in homemade carrot muffins for Snack~delicious!


We read Owl Moon and talked about what "owling" is. We also moved and grooved to "The Goldfish Song", "Lettercise", and "Bubble Gum". In the Work Room, Ben and Scarlet enjoyed building with the Wedgits together while Mackenzie and Annabelle created snow collages using spools. Finn built a giant house with the fuzzy blocks while Faye, Vivien, Corinne, and Eli carefully counted snowmen using cotton balls. It was Scarlet's special day again today and she brought in a delicious snack of Chobani vanilla yogurt and blueberries.

**FYI: the yogurt was a HUGE hit with almost everyone if you happen to be looking for another healthy snack!


We read The Hat by Jan Brett and thought it was quite funny that the animals in the story all ended up wearing clothes! In the Reading Room today, Corinne, Lilliana, Annabelle, Ben, Ella, and Scarlet all enjoyed a rousing game of Zingo (very popular!!) with Miss Trish. Meanwhile, Lily B. designed a pool using a variety of shapes and Vivien and Nolan played with the blocks and the people on the rug. It was Nolan's special day today and he chose "I'm Gonna Catch You" as one of our Circle songs. In the Work Room, we painted with water color paints and made hat collages which will be displayed in the Block Room. Check them out!

Next Week

We will shift from the "Month of Mittens" to the "Month of Hearts"! Our calendar will have a bit of a different look this month and the children will really have the chance to see how LONG the month of February is..:) We will also make predictions as to whether or not the groundhog will see his shadow and what that means. This week, we will begin talking about Chinese New Year (it's the Year of the Monkey!).

Tuesday night is the Ice Cream Social, brought to you by the PreK classes~hope to see you all there!!