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"We're all in this together!"

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton

I love my family. We had a fantastic Christmas together and I was incredibly lucky to have my parents during break. For the first time in my adult life, I had a Christmas with my parents, in-laws and my immediate family in my own house. It made me feel so grown-up!

I also got the chance to do a fair amount of reading this break about space, quantum physics, the Chicago Bears, religion, and technology (my favorite topics). I purposefully steered clear of education articles, not because I don't love reading about this stuff as well, but I knew I needed a break so I could come back fresh. The last few days I've been pulling the education articles back in, and it feels great!

Here are some of my favorites I have come across. If you love learning about our profession check out this great article on 2019 education research highlights. If you read just one of the articles linked in here, you won't regret it! If you prefer a little more personal reflective piece about how education has changed in the last decade, check out this great blog from Katie Martin. If quotes are your thing, check out this post by George Couros. Or, maybe you had a tough break and you just can't get your mind straight. I know some have had to deal with personal loss, sickness, family issues, or surgeries. This article is for you.

Maybe you just want to get back to work. In that case check out our new Collaboration Monday schedule with a proposed adjustment. Be sure to let your ILT representatives know your thoughts!

Either way, after a break like this, the kids are ready to be back. They crave the structure, they enjoy learning, and above all they look forward to seeing you all. They may not admit it, but it is true! As for us, we get the chance to try something new, reset expectations, or take stock in the work done thus far.

Let's get back to action... We're ALL in this together!



Week at a Glance

Monday, January 6th, 2020

  • College Monday - wear your college gear!
  • Collaboration Monday - Several teams have made some structural changes to the Monday meeting process. Please review the rotational schedule.
  • ILT Meeting (2:50 pm)

Tuesday, January 7th, 2020

  • I will be out in the afternoon (personal time)
  • Staff meeting (Ms. Rector will be leading this one about Suicide and Self-Harm prevention)
  • PIE Meeting (7pm)

Wednesday, January 8th, 2020

  • Looks pretty clear!

Thursday, January 9th, 2020

  • l'll be out in the afternoon for threat assessment training at the ESD

Friday, January 10th, 2020

  • Saber Spirit Friday

Further ahead...

Semester 1 ends on January 24th. The grading window opens on January 17th and closes January 31st at 11:59 p.m

Nuts and Bolts

For your planning purposes January 23rd and January 24th schedules for finals will be:

January 23rd

1st - 8:00-8:26 (26)

3rd - 8:30-9:19 (49)

5th - 9:23-10:12 (49)

7th - 10:16-11:05 (49)

January 24th

1st - 8:00-8:26 (26)

2nd - 8:30-9:19 (49)

4th - 9:23-10:12 (49)

6th - 10:16-11:05 (49)


What is happening with ASB?

Announcements - Just a friendly reminder - if you have any announcements you would like added to the daily bulletin, please e-mail Maggie Schoenfeldt and Amaya Duran while also CCing Mr. Kratzig.


Thank you!

Thanks to Ms. Krieger for organizing our Dance Crew Flash mob... I was easily the worst dancer among the group!

Thank you to Mr. Miles for another fantastic Band concert. I am always impressed with how far those kids grow!

Thank you to Mr. Scott and Mr. Holdener for coaching our winter sports season #1.

Congratulations to our staff member Ms. Heather Howell. She is our new educational assistant that was hired to work with our special education students.

Thank you to Mr. Stevens and Mrs. Schuman for another excellent Culture Fair.

Thank you to Mr. Garrett and Mr. Salamone who spent their Saturday before break coaching our robotics kids!


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Cool things I saw at SLMS


"No program in the school will ever exceed the passion of the adults implementing it" - Danny Steele

Instructional Leadership Team - St. John, Ross, Garrett, Kratzig, McKenna, Krieger, Malfet, Solly

Next meeting is Monday, January 6th. Agenda

Student Success Committee - Malfet, Krieger, Johnson, McKenna, Sandlian

Next meeting is Monday, January 13th Agenda.

Climate Committee - Stevens, Kratzig, Kratzig, Scott, Miles, Salamone

Next meeting is Monday, January 13th - Our agenda can be found here.

Safety Committee - Garrett, Bauermeister, Boyd, Ross, Harlow

Next meeting is Monday, January 27th - Agenda

AVID Schoolwide Team - Solly, Parsons, Jetton, Schuman, Gibson, Reece

Next meeting is Monday, January 27th - Agenda

PBIS Committee - Holdener, Naiker, Mendoza, Satterlee, Scheidt, Davis

Next meeting is the PBIS Conference on February 27th and 28th, 2019 - Agenda


"If we create a culture where every teacher believes they need to improve, not because they are not good enough but because they can be even better, there is no limit to what we can achieve" -Dylan William


District Leadership Blogs


Weekly Parent Newsletter


#BuildingaFutureSLMS updates

We started the conversation about keys and how the new building should work. I have some plans in my office if anyone would like to stop in and take a look.

We have also started the conversation about the moving process, if you would like to take a look at the draft directions, click here and give me your thoughts.

Upper drive and entrance off Milton Way work will begin on January 6th. At least for 3 weeks. Our foreman says they will work between bus runs. The upper drive will still be accessible to cars and emergency vehicles.