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September 6, 2019

I Do and I Understand

The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius expressed his belief in the importance of learning from experience when he wrote: "I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.”

Our high schoolers not only learned about phospholipids in order to regurgitate the information for the test on Friday, they learned it on a much more permanent basis. Now here is the really great thing about being a “whole school.” When you are learning something new and as exciting as phospholipids (not my idea of excitement but overheard from Ms. Presgraves’ Anatomy and Physiology students), it can be a challenge to remember all the ins and outs of that physiology.

So, enter Confucius’ “learning curve equation” – not only do you have to know it yourself, you must come up with a creative way to explain the process to a group of non-medically-inclined and fidgety first through third graders! Therein lies the challenge AND the positive learning curve.

But you had better believe it – when upper-classman Nestor (the tall one with orange balloon hat) finds himself in Advanced Biology in college, he will remember phospholipids and the fun he, along with his ballooned classmates, had teaching them to the young students at MSA. In this case, “I do (and teach) and I understand.” And have a good memory to laugh about to boot!

Dates to Remember

September 12 - Toddler One Covered Dish Dinner

September 16-27 - MAP Growth testing (grades 2-9)

September 19 - Toddler Two Covered Dish Dinner

September 21 - International Day of Peace

September 26 - Toddler Three Covered Dish Dinner

October 8 - Family, Food, and Philosophy event

October 11 - Early dismissal for professional development, no extended care

October 14-18 - Fall Break, extended day available

Nurse's Notes: Safety Alert

Please reduce speed while traveling on MSA school property. Due to the increased amount of traffic on our campus, we respectfully request that you remain with your children at all times while on the MSA campus. Pedestrians (especially small ones) are difficult to see and we want to address this safety issue to protect the lives of our MSA students and visitors. Too often, drivers are in large vehicles, become distracted and may not see a little one who has gotten away from their caregiver. It is essential that all visitors and students use the sidewalks and remain in control of the children at all times.

All children should remain restrained in their cars at all times and until they have arrived at their respective classroom(s). SC State law regarding carseats/restraints still apply when on MSA's private property. Please make sure that children under age 13 are in the backseat, properly restrained and in carseat/booster seat if applicable. Please refrain from allowing children to place hands, feet and heads out of the windows and sunroofs. Aside from being unsafe practice, it poses a safety hazard and the behavior is quickly mimicked by other children.

Thank you in advanced for your cooperation.

Susanna Merriman, RN

New Box Tops for Education

See below for information about the all-new Box Tops for Education submission method -- no more clipping! Each box top scanned on your receipts gives MSA 10 cents, which can quickly add up! Click here or the image below to view a video showing how the new process works.

Baby Lockhart Gender Reveal

The High School students were excited to find out the gender of Baby Lockhart, due in February -- it's a boy!
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Elementary Trip to Paris Mountain

The Lower and Upper Elementary classes took a trip to Paris Mountain on Friday. It was a beautiful day, and the students had a great day building community within and between the two groups of students. Students enjoyed throwing Frisbee and playing soccer, hiking, exploring creeks and woods, and finding creatures. View this album for more photos from the day!
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Daddy Daughter Dance

Thank you to the sponsors, Anderson Pediatric Dentistry and SC Attorneys at Law, and parent and faculty volunteers who dedicated their time and efforts into making the Daddy Daughter Dance such a magical night for the MSA community! See below for a few highlights from the night with more to come in a future Montessori Matters!
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Cooking in Upper Elementary

These students carefully measured and planned their ingredients while preparing lunch for their Upper Elementary class.
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Measuring the Sun

In Physical Science, the students recreated the methods by which scientists in the early 1600's calculated the diameter of the Sun. They first made a pinhole viewer, then used the sun's light through it to create a ratio to calculate an experimental diameter.
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The students followed the sun-measuring lesson with a lesson designed to measure the rotational speed of the sun using ratios by measuring the distance a sunspot traveled over a period of three days.
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August and September Birthdays

The Middle School gathered everyone with an August and September birthday for a group shot.
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Middle School Community Lunch

During Middle School community lunch preparation this week, students gave the kitchen cabinets a thorough cleaning and rearranging. The students made pigs in a blanket with fruit, peas, and cucumber for sides and chocolate cream cheese croissants for dessert.
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Yearbook Art

The yearbook staff updated the yearbook signage around campus and created some beautiful window art around the front office advertising the book. Stop by the office this week to order a copy of last year's book for $40 before we have to send the remaining copies back to the factory or this year's book for $35 before the price increases later this year!
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Watering Plants

One Toddler Three friend is watering the plants and the other is in pure amazement watching the water being poured into the soil.
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Etiquette Lessons

Primary One lead, Tish McAlister, presented a practical life lesson in dining etiquette to the Middle School students Friday afternoon. The students learned proper dinner conversation topics and behavior in formal and informal situations. See this etiquette lesson gallery for more photos.
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