Key Figures in Mexico History

By: Alejandro Ramos

Francisco Madero

About Francisco:

Francisco was a Mexican statesman. He was born on (October 30, 1873 and died February 22, 1913) He was a writer for the the revolutionary war. Most importantly was the 33rd president of Mexico from 1911, but after 2 years he was assassination in 1913. As growing up he was a wealthy man. During the time he was studying the United States and a social justice and democracy. He was very smart and studied a lot of different things.

What did he do:

Francisco Madero became president in 1911. He was a man that thought that Mexico was ready for democracy and was ready to take of control of his election. n 1910 Francisco Madero lead a political campaign to overthrow the current Mexican leader, Porfirio Diaz. With the help of the leaders of the guerrilla around the country, Madero forced Diaz to resign and he took over the presidency. He was

against longtime Porfirio Diaz. The Revolution was for several socialist, liberal, anarchist, populist, and agrarian movements. It has influenced Mexican to go against the system.

When: Where: How: Why?: SO WHAT?:

President of Mexico from 1911 and In 1910 that's when he tried to gain power and to overthrow the government. This happen in different place in Mexico but mostly in the north and the south. Francisco had his connections because he was a rich man growing up. That's why he became president. Francisco Madero started the Mexican Revolution. Francisco Madero was the spark that set off the Mexican Revolution. He was rich, connected to people and enough to get things going and already weakened Porfirio Díaz, but could not hold the power once he had attained it. The Mexican Revolution was fought out by men who asked and received no quarter and the idealistic Madero was simply out of his death around them. After this people were after him and wanted him dead and then he was assassinated.