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Wednesday, February 20th, 6pm

Cinema Vitti

Pane e cioccolata (Bread and Chocolate), Franco Brusati, 1974

Like many southern Europeans of the period, Nino Garofalo is a migrant "guest worker" from the Ciociaria working as a waiter in Switzerland. He loses his work permit when he is caught urinating in public, so he begins to lead a clandestine life in Switzerland. At one point he is constrained to find shelter with a group of clandestine Neapolitans living in a chicken coop, together with the same chickens they tend to in order to survive. Captivated by the idyllic vision of a group of young blonde, Swiss youths, he decides to dye his hair and pass himself off as a local.

Film is in Italian with English subtitles and free to attend.