Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol

Comprehensible Input

People do not "pick up" language only from exposure to it. You could be around a speaker of Vietnamese for hours and not understand anything that was said. A SIOP teacher makes communication more comprehensible by consciously using a variety of techniques to make sure that their communications are understood by their ESL students.
Comprehensible Input | Stephen Krashen
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Scaffolding Techniques

Vocabulary Scaffolding

  • preteach key words - with visuals when possible
  • make sure students interact with the new vocabulary many times
  • use multiple modalities to remember the words
  • have students use vocabulary notebooks for personal reference
  • use graphic organizers and study guides

Verbal Scaffolding

  • paraphrase - restate student responses to model correct English usage
  • think-aloud - say out loud what you are doing as you use a learning strategy
  • emphasize contextual definitions - restate a term by giving a context or definition Ex. Aborigines, the native people of Australia, lived in the bush regions.

Procedural Scaffolding

  • model multiple times
  • use gestures
  • use hands-on activities
  • demonstrate processes
  • provide frequent student speaking and writing opportunities with teams and/or partners
  • use technology - Smartboards, laptops, iPads, presentation programs, apps, etc.
  • small group instruction
  • use pictures, or real objects