Spanish Class Happenings

From Sra. Gasque: Week of 4/27/15

Tutoring Plans

As always, I very much encourage all students to take advantage of tutoring opportunities! I am here on Wednesdays from 3:40 - 4:15! I am happy to arrange additional times as needed with myself or with other Spanish Teachers. There are also some peer tutors available who are looking for work for those interested.

I always talk to my students about 80% being the "magic number". Anyone with an overall grade of less than 80% or anyone who made less than 80% on a quiz or assignment are who I especially want to seek out tutoring. Come with a plan/goal and we will make it happen - bring your previous assignments and quizzes along to help!

Final Exam Preparation

All of my classes are getting an opportunity to prepare for the final exam and to earn a replacement test grade for their lowest exam! I will pass it out to students Tuesday. Students are expected to read directions carefully. They can show me their progress as they move along to ensure they do well. Last, there are a few concepts that have not been taught yet so do not panic! The assignments will be due on 5/15/15 and presentations that day on until the final exams are given. Let me know if you have questions on this or any other recovery opportunities!

Spanish 1

Traditional Spanish 1

We are moving right along into our next unit this week! Last week we wrapped up the use of "ir" to discuss our classes, and school days. We revisited lots of old vocabulary words and added some new ones. We also reviewed how to ask and answer questions and took this concept to a deeper level.

This next unit will fly by as well! We are expanding our ability to use different types of verbs to communicate. We will be learning to talk about our pastimes, and sports while using stem-changing verbs! Here is the projected agenda for the week. Let me know if you have questions!

Monday: Review Irregular Yo verbs and the general use of verbs

Tuesday: Saber vs. Conocer

Wednesday: 3.1 vocabulary (New Homework Portfolios)

Thursday: 3.1 Vocabulary

Friday: Quiz

Block Spanish 1

We are flying into the new unit! It is very involved and contains several concepts that blend well together. We have to go fast but the great news is that very little will be brand new to my students! We are revisiting concepts and vocabulary learned at the beginning of the semester so it should reinforce that previous knowledge.

This week's agenda is below. Please encourage lots of study at home on vocabulary and grammar concepts each day, in addition to what they are doing in class. We need as much practice as possible! The new Homework Portfolios were given today and will be due Tuesday of next week, so there should be plenty of study material! Let me know if you have questions!

Monday: 2.2 Vocabulary and Verb Use Review

Tuesday: 2.2 Vocabulary and Hay/Tener + que review with Time

Wednesday: Ir Introduction and vocabulary quiz

Thursday: Ir Practice and Estar Review vs. Ser

Friday: Ir, Ser and Estar Practice and Quiz

Spanish 2

Traditional Spanish 2

Hola to the Spanish 2 Crew! The students were given scripts to personalize and they chose their teams last Friday. We are pretending to be in a restaurant and ordering food - I am looking forward to some great performances, memorization is a requirement! Students who were absent were absorbed into groups and most students contacted their teammates so they could get a head start. We are still working with Direct and Indirect Object pronouns and incorporating them with the food vocabulary. Everything we do this week will help prepare them for the exam Friday. This is another opportunity to show mastery of these concepts. Let me know if you have questions!

Monday: Food listening and skit practice

Tuesday: Food Skit practice

Wednesday: Skit Performances (Assessment grade) and DOP/IOP review homework

Thursday: Skit Performances and DOP/IOP review homework

Friday: Exam on Food, DOP's and IOP's

Block Spanish 2

As we truck ahead towards the final exam we are catching up to the Traditional Spanish 2 Class in some of these concepts! We have been working on Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns and will be applying these concepts as we discuss foods! New homework portfolios will be given to reinforce classroom practice this week. Take a look at the agenda below and let me know if you have questions. We have lots of work ahead of us so I thank you in advance for your support and teamwork!

Monday: Review DOP Quiz, Practice with IOP

Tuesday: DOP/IOP Practice and Food intro and IOP Quiz

Wednesday: Food vocabulary

Thursday: DOP/IOP Food practice

Friday: Exam on Food/DOP/IOP