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October 26, 2012

Here's the Scoop

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Halloween is right around the corner and the anticipation is building! We finished our 40th day of school yesterday, can you believe it?! Below you will find the happenings in Room 18...

Language Arts

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Friends: We are learning how friends come from various countries, cultures, and have different traditions. Some face challenges with disabilities, but we are understanding of each others differences and share our commonalities.

What can you do with your friends? Who can be a friend? When have you worked together with friends to get a job done?

High-frequency words: we, can, like, the, a

Letters: Pp, Ss

Snap Words

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We are working on our Snap Words every Wednesday thanks to Mrs. Romi. :) She works individually with each student to practice and ensure automaticity of all words. The expectation is that each student can read the word upon first glance, without needing to sound it out. If they have trouble with any of the five words, the same list will be sent home to practice.

Please take the time to review these words with your child. Practicing five minutes each day will promote success and confidence in early reading. Thanks for the support!


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Patterns, Sorting, and Shapes

Basic patterns:





Classifying objects with similar characteristics (i.e. color, shape, size)

Plane shapes (2-D):

Circle, square, triangle, rectangle, polygon, hexagon, and diamond.

We know about sides, corners, and length. You may have heard one of our shape songs at home :)

On deck: Solid shapes (3-D)


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Room 18 and Science Lab

We have learned about the five senses (sight, touch, taste, smell, and hearing) and the body parts that goes along with them.

We have also learned about the seasons (fall, spring, winter, and summer). We looked at their differences, plus the weather associated with each.

Social Studies

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Good citizen

We are learning how we act in certain ways at home, in school and our community.

Next, now and long ago!

Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

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This month has been full of fall and Halloween festivities. I know what each child, their siblings, and the family pet will be wearing... Some cannot wait for the 31st! Be sure to dress them in comfortable and appropriate costumes on the big day. We will have a kindergarten parade, then a party in Room 18. Please visit our wiki for a signup. We are looking for more volunteers to join in on the fun. I'm sorry to ask that younger siblings stay at home, so we can focus on our friends in Room 18 and enjoy the party.

A continued thank you to Monica Stapleton (our room mom) for email reminders!

Thank you, thank you to Suzanne Myron for leading the Halloween Carnival effort. Plus, everyone who turned out to help run our booth and partake in the fun activities. It wouldn't have been possible without your support.

Looking forward to our conferences next week! It will be nice to inform you of the academic progress your child is making, along with their academic goals for the year.

Please be at your conference on time, as we only have twenty minutes. Thanks!

Pyramid of Success

Loyalty: Be trustworthy! (10/26)

Cooperation: Be more interested in finding the best way, not in having your own way.

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Upcoming dates

10/29 - 11/1: Parents Conferences and Minimum Day - 12:05 dismissal!

11/5 - 11/9: Red Ribbon Week

11/9: Fun Run

11/12: NO SCHOOL ~ Veteran's Day Holiday

11/19 - 11/23: NO SCHOOL ~ Thanksgiving Break

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