Osage CSD Opportunities

Temporary COVID-19 Connection Plan

Guiding Principles

As we navigate our temporary school closure, Osage CSD feels strongly about the need to continue our mission of serving students, families and our community to provide opportunities for connection and enrichment. We also are cognizant of the state requirements to provide access and equity to all students. We will do this to the best of our ability. Below are the guiding principles we will follow:

Osage Opportunities Are:

* Optional for students

* Review of previously learned skills or concepts before adding new learning

* Focused on feedback

* A chance to virtually connect with staff members and students

Osage Opportunities Are NOT:

* Required for students

* Graded or Scored

* Attended in-person or at school facilities

Each school building has taken these principles and created a plan to work for students and staff. Click on the links below to access this information.

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Message to Families

We understand families may have challenges beyond student learning right now. Our plan is fluid and may change based on state and federal guidance. Please continue to check your email and our Facebook page. If you feel these opportunities are not accessible for your student, for any reason, reach out to your building administrator. We will work with you to the best of our ability to make this possible.

Additional Resources

Administrator Contact Information

Barb Schwamman - bschwamman@osage.k12.ia.us

Tim Hejhal - timhejhal@osage.k12.ia.us

Sarah Leichsenring - sarah.leichsenring@osage.k12.ia.us

Greg Adams - gadams@osage.k12.ia.us


Osage Municipal Utilities: 641-832-3731

Omnitel: 641-749-4042

Osage Public Library Parking Lot: 406 Main Street