Dr David Samadi

The Man Behind The Innovations Of Urology Dr David Samadi

Urology is not a new study but it is an evolving one that involves researching about treatments for the urinary system as well as reproductive organs. In fact, one of the most innovative and popular names in the field of urology is none other than mister Dr David Samadi. He is known to be a very passionate and innovative doctor that has come up with a lot of interesting and effective treatments for prostate cancer and reproductive functions.

Mister Samadi hails from the land of Iran and is of both Persian and Jewish ancestry. Because of the effects of the Iranian War, he eventually traveled over to Europe specifically London and Belgium in order to finish his high school. From there, he traveled all the way to New York in order to finish high school education with complete scholarship support from the institution.

After that, he decided to attend college at Stony Brook University under the degree program of biochemistry. Eventually he decided to take up his medical degree in the Stony Brook Medical School. From there, he took up a postgraduate degree in urology at Montefiore Medical Center and and another degree in proctology in Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

Now after he had finished medical school, he then became a practitioner at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and after that, became a Vice Chair of the faculty of the Mt. Sinai Urology Department. Of course he eventually decided to go into robotic surgery wherein he started practicing in Lenox Hill Hospital. He also became a host of a TV show with Marc Siegel and also his own radio station.

Now some interesting things about this doctor is that he actually developed his own prostate cancer surgery technique. This is one of the most innovative surgery techniques that was developed during his time. His techniques have actually resulted in over six thousand very successful surgeries that have minimal side effects.

In fact a big chunk of his patients are actually free of cancer after the robotic prostate treatment and also most of his patients can already get back their sexual functions after the surgery. Not only does Dr Samadi perform the surgery but he also takes care of the post surgery treatments will personalized care. Also his treatments would have only a little bit of blood loss as compared to regular surgery procedures.

Now other than that, he is a actually a very open doctor who loves to share his knowledge. He even holds fellowships and talks about his medical surgery techniques particularly robotic surgery. As stated above, he personally performs the surgeries and even has his own team that he would bring along for the procedures.

Now what makes this man great is that he is extremely passionate about his field and he is willing to share what he knows. He is definitely a very amazing practitioner who thinks outside the box and does not just stick to medical norms. Because of many years of study and a lot of effort, he was able to create a name for himself in the medical field.

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