Creating a Media Presentation

The Final Step for Your Research Project

Creating a Media Presentation

The final step for our research unit is to create a media presentation to present your report findings. We are giving you a lot of freedom in that you may choose whatever media method you would like to use to present your findings.

Need Help? Here are some recommendations: Animoto, Google Slides, Smore, iMovie, Prezi, E-maze, etc.

Media Presentation Checklist

Focus and Cohenrence

  1. Did I create a presentation that is clear and focused?
  2. Did I synthesize the research and present it in a meaningful format?
  3. Does my presentation make sense to my audience?


  1. Is my presentation easy to navigate or use?
  2. Does my presentation have a clear beginning, middle, and end?
  3. Have I presented my information in a clear, organized way?

Development of Ideas

  1. Does my presentation marshal evidence to explain my topic?
  2. Have I effectively paraphrased and summarized information? (In other words...I have not plagiarized.)
  3. Did I draw conclusions about the topic?
  4. Did I give relevant reasons for my conclusions?


  1. Do I use a natural, authentic voice in my presentation?
  2. Do I engage my audience and sustain the connection throughout my presentation?

TRY IT NOW: Creating Your Media Presentation

Using the outline you created and turned in, create a media presentation in which you will present for your final report. Remember to be creative and follow the multimedia presentation checklist guidelines mentioned above. When finished, please submit your presentation to Mrs. Aday.