Busy Bees

A great place to keep your bee busy

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Let us take care of your child in you own environment!

  • non profit organization
  • quality program
  • service in home -activities such as: cooking, reading, learning, etc..
  • work to please you!
  • a clean safe environment
  • we can transport your child to any extracurricular or after school activity

Activities/ food program

  • We Provide Healthy Food
  • Home Made Food
  • Field trips
  • Educational care


  • Higher costs, however we offer a better care for child
  • Paperwork and legal hassles
  • Some parents may feel they're sacrificing privacy by having a non-family caregiver in their home all day, however we're professionals and you can always trust us for you child care
  • Less social interaction for your child - home care does not put kids in every day contact with peers