Family Tree

Shelby Brookshire

Country of Origin:

The last names on both sides of my family can be traced back to Ireland and Scotland. Therefore, my family is made up of Scots/Irish. North Carolina has the largest number of Scots/Irish in the United States.
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There is no information on the meaning or origin of Brookshire.

As for my mother's maiden name, Brown, evidence shows it is English, Scotish and Irish and comes from a persons hair or complexion.

My grandmother, on my mother's side, maiden name is McCorkle. McCorkle is Scottish and Irish: anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Thorcaill' som of Thorkell', a personal name of Old Norse origin, meaning 'Thor's kettle'.

My grandmother, on my father's side, maiden name is Livingston. Livingston has Scottish origin and is a habitational name from a place in Lothian.