Stanleys life

stanley use to get picked on he didnt say nothing about it until hector zeroni stole shoes that were donated he didnt know they were donated the cops were chasing him he tied them together and threw them in the air it landed on his head the police went with him in court cause they thought he was stealing the shoes too he went to this camp called camp green lake hector was there hedid not know that he made him go to court but 2 to 3 months later hector told him it was him who made him go to court.

Every day in the morning

Stanley wich they call caveman and zigzag, armpit, x ray, zero and magnet wake around 2 of the morning there all tired but Stanley got stronger and stronger but it still hurt.

Stanley's friend Hector

Hector Zeroni had a bad life with bad memories every day his mom went somewhere and told Hector to stay where he was until she came back but one day when Hector was wating at the park he waited months under the park's tunnel kids offered him cake and to play with them but thier moms looked at him as if he were a monster so he felt thretend by them.

Main Characters


They found the treasure

When Hector and Stanley found the treasure Mr.Sir, Mr.Pendanski and the warden found them after that lizards climbed up on the chest and on stanley and hector everyone got scared the warden and mr.sir were talking about shooting the lizards or the kids they did not shoot any of them they finaly came out when stanleys lawyer came a few months later zero contracted investigators to find his mom when they got back togethter they were both so happy


a fun book to read and I garante you you will love it its a great book in my opion