Race to the Moon


Who was involved?

Key players were President Kennedy and Krushchev.


SF Found the Picture

When and where did it happen?

The first man to enter space was launched from the Soviet Union on April 12, 1961. The Americans launched a man from Cape Canaveral, Florida in May of 1961. The moon was finally reached on July 20, 1969.


Popular Culture of the Time Period

We were in the middle of the cold war. The country was fascinated by the new couple in the White House and the first lady started new fashion trends. Popular movies at the time included West Side Story, and popular Tv shows were Perry Mason and The Twilight Zone.


How it Resonates Today

Space exploration has continued and we now have a space station orbiting earth. Other inventions that arose from this time were scratch resistant glasses, insulin pump, memory foam, and water filters. CD/SF

What Effect Did it Have Then?

It boosted American moral with our triumph over the Soviets. It proved that we could be triumphant over the communists if we applied our resources.


Scale of Importance to American History

Very important because it was another victory for us over the Soviets. It gave us confidence in our country and it was a great achievement for us, and the world.