Age Of Exploration

How did the Age Of Exploration impact life today

What Is Age of Exploration

The Age of Discovery, also known as the Age of Exploration, was a period starting in the early 15th century and continuing to the 17th century during which Europeans explored Africa, the Americas, Asia and Oceania. Many famous explorers made their voyages between 1420 and 1620. They had to face lots of obstacles. They went on this hard and long trip to find a new trade route to Asia. Also it was an age where European countries wanted to seek new trade routes and land to conquer.

What caused the age of exploration to happen?

The Age of Exploration was caused by advances in technology. Prince Henry began navigation school because of the influence by the Muslims. It was motivated by the desire for glory. They wanted fame which relates to the glorification of human accomplishment. Also there was religious and economic factors. The explorers took advantage of the locals, and after gaining their trust they knew that they could spread Christianity. Most importantly though the main factor was economic factors. Originally the Europeans wanted a way to bypass the routes controlled by the Muslims. Columbus found America and they discovered gold and other riches.

Why Europe?

Improvements in map making, Shipbuilding, rigging, and navigation made this possible. Policy of Mercantilism is what drove sailors to do so. Mercantilism was saying that there was a limited amount of money in the world. With all of the “exploring” going on the more countries were exporting. the more you export the more you bring in money.

What did it lead to?

This sparked mas trade from Europe to Asia by sea. Culture was "spicing" up throughout Europe, India, Asia, and the Americas. People wanted more and more as the returning sailors had brought many different goods.

Major Explorers of the Age of Exploration

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Turning Points in History - Age of Exploration


The Age of Exploration


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