Happy (End of) Summer

August 18, 2021

Kindergarten & New Student Playdate!

Hi Everyone! I wanted to send out a quick reminder that the HPTO will be sponsoring a Kindergarten and New Student Playdate on Harrington's playground on Sunday, August 22nd from 3-5pm. COVID guidance for this event is that masks are optional since the event will held outside. This will be a wonderful opportunity to make classmate connections as we prepare to start our 2021/22 School Year! I look forward to seeing many smiling and happy faces on Sunday!!

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Building Tour

Harrington will be open for New students and Kindergarten students on Monday, August 23rd from 10-11am. The tour will familiarize the building to our new students so that when upon arrival on August 31st, students will have a general sense of key locations throughout the building. Per district COVID guidelines, all individuals will be required to wear masks inside of the building.

If you are a Kindergarten family and cannot make it for the tour, please know that your student's teacher will be taking the students around the building as well to show the students the key locations in the building.

We look forward to seeing all our new faces on Monday.

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