The Wonderful 2C

It has been a great term!

In Term One......

  • We have been trying hard to be good listeners and workers
  • We have been working at making our reading really strong.
  • We have been writing some great sentences.
  • We have been adding and subtracting numbers.
  • We have learnt a lot about mini beasts.
  • We have used technology.
  • We have played sport and made some lovely pieces of art.

Holiday Ideas

Some things that you could do in the holidays.

  • play outside
  • help mum or dad do a job like cleaning the house or the car or helping in the garden
  • write about what you do each day and bring it to school to share with your friends
  • read a book or two or three or four or more
  • practice adding and subtracting numbers (make them up or use a computer program)
  • ask if you can do a procedure . . . maybe help cook or make something
  • practice handwriting by drawing or doodling or writing
  • play with a ball, ride a bike, do some exercises

During the holidays . . .

I always find things I think would be great for 2C. I will put them in your eBackpack. Ask your parents if you can use the Internet to have a look in your eBackpack. There is also some links to learning websites already there!!

  1. go to google
  2. type det student portal in the search bar
  3. click on 'student portal' It should be the first one that comes up in the search results.
  4. login using the username and password that you use sat school
  5. click 'agree' to use the Internet sensibly
  6. click on 'eBackpac' or website links