(Infestation of Lice)


Symptoms of head lice include itching of back of the head or around the ears.

Symptoms of body lice include itching anywhere on the body

Symptoms of crab lice include itching of the genital areas.


Head lice are often spread by people and objects that touch or go near the head.

Unlike head lice, body lice attach their eggs to clothes (fibers) and are spread by close contact.

Pubic lice (crabs) are found in the pubic area and are spread by sexual contact, shared clothes, and bedding.


The most effective way to treat Pediculosis is to use shampoo and creams that contain pediculicides or insecticides that kill lice. To help even more, comb your hair with a louse comb to get the lice and nits out of the hair. Please remember that neither of the treatments above are 100% effective.



Severe Pediculosis Capitis