Life Group UPDATE

April 12 & 13, 2014

Host Homes Needed for Our 3 College Summer Missionaries

We are so excited to have a full team of three Summer College Missionaries to work at our OASIS Community Center this summer doing recreation outreach to kids and teens.

We need Three Host Families! Can you put up a college student for June 1 to Aug. 1? We need two host homes to help. Brandon, Angie, and Hayden will be arriving late May 31 and leaving the morning of Aug. 1. But we need three hosts who can host them all or part of this time. We can work around vacation.

If you have a spare room and can host let Banks Corl know at

Brandon Parham

Univ. of Georgia

Brandon is a Boy Scout Commissioner, which means that even as a college student, he supervises many scout masters. He loves the Lord and his life goal is to be a high school principal.

Angie Turner

Valdosta State Univ. Georgia

Angie is very active in women's basketball and soccer and loves sharing her faith and working with kids and young teens.

Hayden Roberts

Tarleton State Univ. Texas

Hayden loves playing and using sports as an outreach and serving on the Baptist Campus Ministry leadership team at Tarleton.

Egg Drop Parrish Volunteer Sign Up Online!

Saturday, April 19 is our Egg Drop in Parrish at Buffalo Creek Park. Last year we had 6,000 attend and it took 200 Woodland Volunteers. It's time to start signing up to serve and this year you can CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER and choose a team to serve on.

Mark your calendar: our Volunteer Meeting will Be Wednesday evening, April 16 (6:30pm) at the Lakewood Ranch Campus. This is where each team meets together with it's leader and coordinates the details. Please attend this meeting please if you volunteer.

Teams to Serve On for Egg Drop
We hope those attending the Woodland Parrish campus will especially step up to volunteer as this will be a major way to grow the church.
  • Friday evening Set Up Crew (6-9pm, 60 needed)
  • Saturday Set Up Crew (6-8am, 30 needed)
  • Tear down Crew 1-3pm, 30 needed)
  • Kids Activities (60 needed, various booths)
  • Parking (30 needed)
  • Food (40 needed)
  • Registration (20 needed)
  • Other (30 needed)
  • Specialty Volunteers (see details online)

Focus Point Spring Semester Starts Wed. April 8th

Eyewitness to Majesty (Peter)

Ladies, join us for this 10 week Bible study starting Wed. April 8th at 6:30PM.

The apostle Peter is mentioned more times in the four gospels than anyone other than Jesus Christ Himself. Peter was praised more than any other disciple. He was also rebuked more than any other disciple. In this study, you will see Peter fail and you will see him succeed. You will get a laugh or two at his expense, and you just may shed a tear or two with him as well. His imperfections make him lovable, and his victories give us hope. Through this study, you will walk along with Peter as an eyewitness to the life of Christ. Leader, Kelly Beale contact her at Study guide $12. You can get it at Amazon or though contacting Kelly in advance. Join us!

Star Wars Weekend in Children's Ministry -April 26/27

One of our biggest attendances for our KFC is our Star Wars Weekend. It's a natural draw for unchurched families. Who can your kids invite?
It will happen at both our Lakewood Ranch (Sat & Sun) and Parrish campuses during the regular KFC times, Sat. April 26 and Sunday, April 27.
  • Bring a friend!
  • Get your picture taken with Star Wars characters
  • Dress up
  • Themed games & fun songs
  • Win prizes
Star Wars Weekend at Woodland Church

Fall Campaign: TRANSFORMED - How God Changes Us

TRANSFORMED is a church-wide seven session spiritual growth Campaign by Rick Warren that will explore what the Bible has to say about every essential area of our lives: Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Emotional, Relational, Financial, and Vocational.

The world is shouting for us to Conform, but God says "be not conformed to this world...but be Transformed." Transformation is from the inside out, conformation is from the outside in.

It starts the week of September 27/28 and ends just before Thanksgiving week.

Each person in your group will be encouraged to get the leather bound personal Transformed Journal and participant guide with 49 days of personal devotional study, a place to take sermon notes, set personal goals in each of these areas, and of course the group discussion and prayer guide and more.

For best results, forward the UPDATE to your Group and discuss how you can be involved...