Child Abuse and Neglect

By: Lecette Mota

How can you prevent child abuse and neglect?

There are laws that help fund for child saftey. Being aware of how child abuse can effect a child's life is good to know, so that we as people can prevent child abuse. When a community is educated about how they can help with child abuse, it will make a huge difference, and we will be able to protect more children from being abused.

Laws with Child Abuse

In 2008, over 300,000 suspects of child pornograpghy was being recorded, but due to lack of funding for law enforcement, majority of theses people were not punished for it. A U.S. Representative took a stand in 2008, for more funding towards the Protect Our Children Act f 2008. Fundings went towards combating child sexual exploitation and child rescue. The Protect our childern act worked for a little while, over 2,182 kids were saved from some kind of child abuse. After a while the president's administration asked congress to cut back the funding by 27%.

Effects of child abuse

Child abuse can effect that child all through life. It causes unhealthy relationships, and lack of confidence in their self. It also takes a toll on school, home, and work life. Because child abuse usually happens by someone the absuer knew, trusting people is a big issue. They have already experienced that trust issue, so that leads to having trust issues in their future.

Make a Change, Prevent Child Abuse

Ways to prevent child abuse is to talk about it in your community, and discuss ways on how to keep children safe, and how to report child abuse. Also parents can take classes on how to be good parents. There a couple of kinds of prvention, primary prevention, and selective prevention, these are just a few. Selective prevention is when local hospitals or community organizations offer prenatal care and parenting classes to new or expectant parents. Primary prevention is public awareness campaigns informing citizens how and where to report suspected child abuse and neglect. A way we can help as a community is to be aware of the different organazations that help with child abuse like State Children's Trust Funds, Don't Shake the Baby Campaign, and Prevent Child Abuse America. A way kids are already being helped is by being in schools that teach them how protect themselves, and know when something is not right. Make a change, if you see something or suspect something say something.

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