Anesthesia Lab

3rd period

Background information about Anesthesia Lab

1)I have no experience with Anesthesia.

2) If I would to be put in Anesthesia I would want to be asleep and not feel anything.

3) I know it could be dangerous if you're not able to wake up or it could go bad if they put to much anesthesia.

Scientific Explanations

Elda's Anesthesia was too strong. We got to see how much her concentration was. We got to see what caused her death. We started at a very low concentration, we started

Anesthesia Lab

Anesthesia Lab

Table data

We got to see the cause of her death. Elda's anesthesia was too strong. Her percentage was 58.51 and we got to see the lowest. It went up all the way to 50 which caused her death.

Data table

This shows us that Elda had a lot of anesthesia & it was way to high. It showed us the concentration and transmittance and observance.

Beer's law Observations

  • Beer's law helped me solve this case by the seeing the observations and we got to see the concentration.
  • My observation was that we got see the the graphs going up after a certain amount of anesthesia.
  • I got to put each percentage in the colimeter and I got to see it in the computer.

Interesting facts of Anesthesia.

Anesthesia has made possible countless procedures that improve human health, longevity and quality of life. Every year, millions of Americans safely undergo surgery with anesthesia, although some risks exist. "General anesthesia affects the entire body. It is used when it is important for a patient to be unconscious. Many major, life-saving procedures like open-heart surgery, brain surgery or organ transplantation would be impossible without general anesthesia".......