National Parks

Should we protect National Parks? Well, I belive that National Parks should be protected because it is important of all these reasons I have included down below.
Do you know what flora and fauna mean? Well, I will tell you not only what it is but why it is called that. Flora is the plant because flora is a flower and a flower is a plant so that is why it is called flora for plant. Fauna is the animal because of some reason which hopefully you know. Now lets get back to my reason, it's important to have National Parks or else we won't these things. We need to save our flora and fauna or else the will die.
Of course we want a good life and to do that we need to be healthy. Our National Parks can help us with that.The leaves of plants in a National park make fresh air, roots of plants hold the soil together which stops erosion and keeps our water-ways clean.National Parks have lots of plants so they play a big part in keeping our enviroments healthy.

Sometimes we have to have fun, enjoy and relax.The natural beauty, of a National Parks allows you to do all of those things including bushwalking, camping, picnicing, swimming, skiing, painting, taking photos, enjoying the view and more. Learning about plants and animals and Aboriginal sites and how they lived in the past.

In conclusion I belive that National Parks should be protected because we need to protect our flora and fauna, we need to lead a healthy life, and sometimes we need some fun.
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