South Carolina

Profitable slave trade caused heavy turmoil in the colonies.

Indian Traders Gained Manipulative Control

The Yamasees were just like any other Native American tribe that traded with the colonists. However, after years and years of trade, some became increasingly discontent with the level of unfairness in the way they were treated by the colonists. They rose up against the colonists, killing 7% of the colony at the time.

A Survivor's Captivating Memories

I was one of the first to land in Charles Town in 1670, the land was perfect for growing crops, the weather and soil was unlike anything I’d ever encountered back in England. There was a very long growing season, which allowed many of us to take more advantage of the year, bringing more yield and profit. The English came up with a very good banking and credit system, which allowed us to become more successful than some of the other colonies. There were Indians who converted to Catholicism, as well as other tribes; we began trading with Indians for an increasingly valuable and profitable commodity: slaves. Those who traded in our Carolina area and colony became the most powerful (for a time being) and primarily controlled trade of slaves with us. Other tribes fought with them for that position however. This resulted in increasing bloodshed and thousands upon thousands of enslaved people. There was one group that did stand up against us, they attacked, and pushed us almost as far back as the Charles Town. 400 people were killed, I was lucky to survive this battle.

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By: Max Zradovskyy