Leprechaun Trap

By: Austin Brandt

The Venus Leprechaun Trap

The materials needed to build this is a pulley, string, cardboard around the trap, box, 2 wedges with a platform, a pot of gold, sign, and a little bit of tape.

What Needs to Happen

In order for the trap to work the leprechaun will need to see the sign that says don't take along with the pot of gold. He will then not listen to the sign and go straight for the gold. Once he steps up on the platform I will then have to release the string by taking off the tape, which is taped to the cardboard floor. The string will release of the pulley and drop the box on the leprechaun.
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Simple Machines In the Trap

I have 2 simple machines in my trap: a pulley and wedges. The pulley gives the string and box a little more height and also helps it stay up. It can help it go a little faster. The wedges help by giving the cardboard support and it keeps it off the ground.


The way my trap works is the leprechaun must see the sign and the pot of gold. He will most likely not listen to what the sign says and will go for the gold. So he then has to walk up on the platform. Once he is on I will have to release the tape that is attached to the cardboard. The string will come off the pulley and should drop the box right on the leprechaun. The box will then trap him not allowing him to escape.