Pride and Prejudice Project


Book Review

The book Pride and Prejudice is a must read. The love story between the Handsome and rich Mr. Darcy, and the too independent for her time Elizabeth is extraordinary. I was not able to put the book down. It will have you on the edge of your seat anticipating the moment when Darcy and Elizabeth will tell each other they are in love. This book is for anyone who understands the time period and understands the concept of love and reputation and how both are very important. Anyone who can understand that will truly love this book as I have.

Sence Rewrite

Scene Rewrite

After enjoying a nice meal, the Bingley family wanted to sit down for a fun game of poker. I didn’t know how to play and would rather enjoy a game of zombies. I went to the entertainment room; where I just happen to see Mr. Darcy sitting there. “May I play a round of Zombies with you?” asked Elizabeth. “Sure”, said Darcy “As long as you don’t mind waiting I like to play by myself first, because I enjoy it so much.” Elizabeth understanding where he was coming from, and not taking any offense to this said okay. Caroline, Lizzy’s friend happens to over here the conversation between the two. Came in, and joined the duo. “Are you playing zombies? I do enjoy a good game of zombies”, said Caroline. “Oh you do? Replied Darcy; knowing that she knew nothing about zombies, and was trying to get Darcy to like her.