iPads for Teaching and Learning

Emily Trussell

Advantages of iPads in the Classroom

Students find iPads easier to work with than desktop computers. It also cuts down on the amount of books because we can now download eBooks to use. Many students can solve tech problems easier and faster that adults with today’s advanced technology use. It promotes collaboration and communication for enhanced learning. Teachers and students are now able to incorporate different lessons and apply them to different aspects. Ipads have allowed increased portability because research is no longer limited to desktops with cords. Many schools now have iPad carts to use in classrooms, this is ultimately cheaper. The iPad offers a way to eliminate paper. The iPad can be used for tests, homework, and even digital textbooks. They also allow for virtual field trips. This is great for schools who do not have the money to take field trips somewhere. It also allows students who are less fortunate to have adventures and see the world in ways they could not without technology.


Benefits of iPad Use in the Classroom

Could an iPad replace a computer?

Absolutely!! The iPad is becoming more advanced with each new generation being released. It is much easier because of the mobility. You can literally take iPads anywhere. A lot of the time, an iPad can do many of the tasks done on a desktop easier and quicker.


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Autism & iPads

IPads can go wherever the child goes which means it can help to calm them, allow them to focus, and learn anywhere. The iPad can be tailored to the child and his or her specific needs because the iPad does have customizable options.


iPads Used by Students With Special Needs

Why are schools jumping on the iPad bandwagon?

The size, weight, and battery life are number one. IPads were the first device to truly have day long battery life. Tablets encourage sharing. The iPad is very different. It brings together lots of things, and they all work together really well; it’s a camera, a computer, a visualizer, a notebook, an Interactive Whiteboard, and a TV. I believe teachers have seen that it can be used as a great tool to add to their lessons.


Digital Textbooks!

Digital textbooks may offer lower costs, make it easier to monitor student progress, and are easier and cheaper to update when needed. It is increasing every year in the United States.



Examples of iPads You Can Purchase:

Transforming the Classroom with iPads

What can you do with an iPad?

That is easy, you can do anything that you could do on a desktop. Plus, it is more portable! As the years progress, I feel as if the iPad will continue to have more capabilities or options.


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