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My Special, my Gift Registry, FUNdraising ...

Happy March

A special shout-out to my Canadian friends! This is the first month of our Spring/Summer catalog season - new Warmers, new Diffusers, fabulous new scents.... including new wax for our Warmers, new Oils, and new scents added to our Clean and Laundry AND Skin/Groom Lines.

Have you ever considered becoming a Consultant? This month, Scentsy is offering an abbreviated version of their Starter Kit for only $59 (Canadian, $49/US), an 'escential' kit. This smaller kit is truly all of the essentials for you to test-the-waters and see if it's right for you. More details below.

Please take a few moments and scroll through the whole Newsletter. Read about my Personal Special and about my FUNdraising ideas and a few photos of some of our new products. You'll learn about our Auto Refill Program and how you can get rewarded for your love of Scentsy (without having to Host a Party) AND check out my Gift Registry. Fill out my Gift Registry if you have a birthday or anniversary coming up.

Feel free to share this Email with any of your friends that love Scentsy - whether they are in town or not. I have clients all over the US, Canada, and Mexico (pricing in Canada and Mexico is different, of course).

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How to find ScentsySharron

You can order online anytime. An online order goes directly to the Warehouse, it doesn't stop in a queue and wait for my approval before it's submitted - so it ships almost immediately!

Order online by April 15th and I'll send you a little something to thank you for doing it, see below*.

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*My ONLINE Ordering Special

My special last month went over so well that I'm continuing it this month. Get FREE Scentsy by placing your order on my website,

Through April 15th, place your order on my website and get:

Orders up to $75 - Scent Circle

$75.01 - $99 - Dryer Disk

$99.01 - $115 - Scent Circle and Dryer Disk

. . . . . and the freebies will go up from there

Apply your order to an open Party or Fundraiser, it costs you nothing, costs me nothing and someone will get a little extra something when we close their Party or Fundraiser!

Questions? Need help picking out scents?

*scents for free items are at my discretion and only for orders placed directly on my website

Interested in an Auto Refill Program?

Click the gray link above and learn about our Customer Loyalty Program where you get Scentsy delivered once every month, or two or three months, and EARN REWARDS for your purchases.
It's a great way to stay stocked with your favorite scents while you get rewarded for your love of Scentsy! (and who doesn't love rewards?!!!)
You get an Email before it gets mailed out, you can choose to alter the order or skip the order. Nothing is set in stone. You should give it a try. It's a huge time saver!

Please remember me for Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations, Mother's Day . . .

Ordering for Mother's Day?
I suggest you order by the 25th of April to ensure delivery the week before Mother's Day.

Looking for a different Fundraiser? Let me help you!

Let me help you raise money for your scout troop, ball team, PTO/PTA, class, church, field trip . . . . Your involvement can be as much or as little as you'd like. Here are two popular Fundraising ideas;

Buddy Clip Fundraiser:
I'll provide a worksheet with pictures of all 7 Buddy Clips and a spreadsheet to collect orders and track payment. Assuming 50% tax rate, you charge $30 per Buddy Clip and you receive $7.50 for each Buddy Clip sold (see the numbers below; if your tax rate is different, contact me and I'll do a new worksheet)

Online Fundraiser:

Like the name says, it's all online. I set up a Fundraiser on my website and advertise it in Emails directly to your donors and on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest (etc). I'll give you business cards to hand out at Events. Your people go out to my website and place their order and apply it to your Fundraiser. You don't have to do any sorting or delivering, our warehouses do all the work for you!

I'd love the opportunity to talk to you more about this, please shoot me an Email/Message or give me a call and let's figure out what works best for you and your donors.

+1 305.741.2468

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Test the 'Is being a Consultant right for me' voice in your head

Scentsy is offering a super fabulous sign up special. Through March, you can purchase a special abbreviated Starter Kit for only $59 (the regular kit is $119). It's a great way for you to get the essentials to start the business without spending a lot of money - so the perfect time for you to test the waters to see if being a Consultant is right for you.

These items are the smaller 'escentials' kit include:


Mini wax testers of current catalog scents


One-page catalogs

Sales tickets

Post cards

3 months of a personal website

And loads of resources on your own back office website

AND ME as your mentor!!!!

Sign up just to make commission on your own purchases, I'm sure your family and friends will follow suit and upgrade when you do! Then pursue your neighbors and co-workers from there . . .

It's your business, you're the boss. You do what you're comfortable doing - or maybe use it as an excuse to step out of your comfort zone and get out there and meet new friends, like I have done.

Scentsy is available in a number of different Countries, initially sign up to sell in the Canada - there's a nominal monthly charge to sign up to sell/recruit in our other Countries. Want to know what Countries Scentsy is in? Drop me an Email!

You already LOVE scents and Scentsy ..... why not take advantage of that love and make a little money off of it! ;)

ps - a new Consultant starts out at 20% commission, you'll make that $59 back after your first Party (a $240 Party earns you $48)!!!

Thank you for reading my Newsletter

Please scroll back up to remind yourself about my personal special and take a look at my Fundraising idea.... and the fabulous $59 Starter Kit available this month. Have a great Spring Break and Easter Holiday.

Please remember me when you're ready for more Scentsy,