Traekwon Scott-Roberts $$$

Bejing, China

airfare cost and schedule

I am leaving Denver to go to Bejing, China. It costs $959 per person, and I leave at 10:05pm and it is going to take me 23h and 10m. For two people it will cost $1918 my meal estimate is 350.


When i get to Bejing,China I am going to be staying at a five star hotel and the name of it is Wangfuing it is going to cost $239 when i compared the to prices of the hotel they were the same price but they weren't when the hotel was higher . the hotel is really nice and it has a pool and a work out room and my room has to big beds and a t.v


I went to the Nike factory today and bought a hole bunch of Jordan's and Nike's and order and some i can wait to go back to the mall in China because they have a bigger selection there than in american,and there stores are bigger and it is separated .

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

Today I was going to pick up my customized shoes and customized socks from the Nike store and i forgot my hotel card and now the store is closed so now I cant get in and I have to pay 40$ for a new one and the bank is closed so i have to wait i tell tomorrow and i don't know what to do,but i can go get a hotel for a day and in the morning go get my card.


I learn that it is a long process just to go to the Nike factory in China I thought it was going to be be a one day thing but it was like a onw week thing,but it was funny going and putting in my flight and pickin picking what hotel I wanted.But the bad thing is that my hotel card got lost and all my stuff was stuck in the hotel,besides that it was a pretty good experence.