6th Grade Math

Ms. Carter - 2016-2017 Week # 5

What's Going On!

We are busy in 6th grade Math learning Integer Operations! In week #4 we covered Adding Integers with Same and Different Signs.

Looking forward, we will Review Adding Integers in Week #5 through several workstations: Adding Integers with Decks of Cards; Alphabet Integers; and Scavenger Hunts.

We will also be looking at Subtracting Integers.

As always, notes will be loaded into google classroom. My goal is to upload each day's notes for the week by Friday afternoon! They are also on my website.

Ways We Can Practice!

MULTIPLICATION FACTS!!!! (and other skills, too!)

There are several new practice sites that have games and practices on my website. Please click here to access those!

We are making a huge push to learn our multiplication facts! This is so VERY IMPORTANT!!! It is difficult to make progress and use our time efficiently if we don't know our facts! Please help me help them! Practice with your student at home!

*Deck of Cards: Play Multiplication War! 2 people: each person starts with half the deck. Both players turn the top card over quickly. The one who says the product of the two cards first is the winner and gets those cards! This game can go on and on for a long time until one player runs out of cards! The goal: to build MULTIPLICATION FLUENCY!!!

Google Classroom for Parents

As you know, the 1:1 laptop rollout happened a couple of weeks ago! We are in full swing of learning how to use Google Classroom. I am beginning to submit assignments to students through google classroom. Grading those are a completely different thing! :) I am learning, too! It is very exciting!

I understand that many of you are wanting access into your child's google classroom folders. I do understand! Please be patient with me as I have to put your email accounts in one by one. That will take time! Thank you to those who have inquired! I will get to it soon!!! Stay tuned for an update on that! :)


Think Through Math


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