Panther Post

December 16, 2015

PLC and Google Classroom Clarifications

As a reminder, the only people required to submit any documents via Google Classroom for PLCS, both Prep and Content, are the facilitators for the month. Each month you provide a goal for my review and you receive the document back with a comment. It is not due again until the last day of the month. If there is still confusion on this, you need to see me personally.

Math and ELA teachers are part of 2 separate classrooms. They will receive data dig information via the classroom. If you have any questions on this, you need to see me for assistance.

PDPs were sent via Google back in October before SGOs. If you are not sure if you submitted one, you need to log into Google Classroom to see if your submission is there. If it is not - you need to submit.

Data Wall and Data Dig Expectations

ELA and Math teachers should have received an Initial Data Dig Form via Google Classroom. These must be completed based on your students in your classroom only. When we sit together to review the data, I will be putting together a document of the entire grade level. All the information you need to do this "dig" is on the Data Wall in your Google Drive. This wall needs to be updated as applicable when you complete unit assessments. On the data dig sheet, PLEASE make every effort to consider the VIPs on this sheet and your individual plan moving forward. We will also discuss PARCC scores during our digs. Initially, this is to be completed as individuals, not as grade level groups. As always, I will be glad to assist you as you move through this new process.

PARCC Updates and Performance Level Descriptors

PARCC individual score reports were sent home to parents this week with a cover letter explaining the score report. Parents were told to contact me if they had any questions on the report. I will recommend the parents talk to their child's teachers should they ask how teachers are using the information in the score report to help their child.

For ELA and Math teachers, check out the grade by grade performance level descriptors found on these links. They are very useful in know what material in which the students are assessed.



Schedule for December 23, 2015

We will begin our day with an extended homeroom to load the school into the MPR for the Holiday concert. After the holiday extravaganza we will head directly to the gym for the staff-student volleyball game. We are aiming to have students back in their respective hallways for grade level activities from10:30-12:30. Because of the shortened day and the holiday assemblies, we will not run normal classes. As a side note, specials teachers who teach district-wide will not be here on this day as they are needed at the ES. For the week of the 21st, feel free to eliminate Prep PLCs as well as the first week we return in January.

For the school-wide assemblies - I will need all hands on deck! This day is always a bit chaotic and we will need your assistance as eyes and ears at both events. PLEASE position yourselves accordingly to supervise our student body and be mindful of their behavior.

Notes: If you are hosting "parties" on this day, please remember to consult the school nutrition policy and complete the form that was shared with you earlier in the year for administrative permission.

Upcoming Events and Reminders

  • Please see the LMS PLC, Assessment and Important Dates for Teachers in your Google Drive for updated calendar. I have made changes again based on needs
  • 12/21 - Positive Behavior Reward during LZ for grades 7 and 8
  • 12/22 - Positive Behavior Reward during LZ for grades 5 and 6
  • 12/23 - ELA and Math initial Data Dig Sheets due in Google Classroom
  • 12/23 - Early dismissal no lunch
  • 1/4 - School Re-opens - Yay!