Tornado's ayeee!!!

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Definition of a Tornado

Tornado- A narrow funnel shape column of spiral winds that extends downward from the cloud and touches the ground.

What to do when a tornado occurs.

When a tornado warning has been issued, you may have very little time to prepare

  • Make sure you have a portable radio,
  • Seek shelter in the lowest level of your home (basement or storm cellar). If there is no basement, go to an inner hallway, a smaller inner room, or a closet. Keep away from all windows.
  • You can cushion yourself with a mattress, but do not use one to cover yourself. Do cover your head and eyes with a blanket or jacket to protect against flying debris and broken glass. Don't waste time moving mattresses around.
  • Keep your pet on a leash or in a carrier.
  • Multiple tornadoes can emerge from the same storm, so do not go out until the storm has passed.
  • Do not leave a building to attempt to "escape" a tornado.
  • If you are in a manufactured (mobile) home, leave immediately and take shelter elsewhere.

Damage done and how its measured.

Tornados are measured in the fujita scale according to the national weather service. F6 with winds to 319-379 mph = 513km to 610km

F1 Damage- This is the beginning of hurricanes wind speed. Vehicles moved from roadways, attatched garages may be destroyed.

F3- Roof and walls torn off well constructed houses, large-non permenent structures over turned , most trees uprooted.

F5- strong frame houses lifted off foundations and carried considerable distance, then dropped automobile sized object fix through air in excess of 100 meters, trees debarhed, steel reinforces conclete structures badly damaged.

Warning signs

1. Strong, persistant rotation in the cloud base.

2. Whirling dust or debris on the ground under a cloud base - tornados sometimes have no funnel.

3. hail or heavy rain followed be either dead or calm or fast, intense wind shift. Many tornados are wrapped in heavy precipitation and cant be seen.

4. day or night- loud, continuous roar or rumble, which doesnt fade in a few seconds like thunder.

5. night- small, bright blue-green to white flashed at ground level near a thunder storm mean power lines are snapping.

6. night- persistent lowering from the clouds base, illuminated or struct by lightening.

Prevention measures/ how to prepare for event.

If a tornado warning were to be called then the safest place to be would be your basement. If its really bad they would have a evacuation and you would want to take food, water, medications, batteries, flashlights, important documents, road maps, and a full tank of gasoline.

If outside you should lie flat in a depression or on other low ground and wait for the storm to pass.

If indoors avoid windows and soon protection in the basement or underneath large solid pieces or fourntinate.

The storm (name, date, and location.) & effect on the community

The Waco Tornado, May 11,1953, Amarillo, Texas.

It destroyed around 600 homes and other building and damaged over 100, including 2000 vehicles. Some of the survivors had to wait up to 14 hours for rescue.

Survivor recalls deadly '53 Waco storm