Global Warming is the Truth

By JadenB,JordanS,khaliya,H

why are sea levels rising and why are glaciers melting well we know

Why the Sea Level is Rising

The earth temperture is getting hotter, so the tempertures are making the glaciers melt. Since glaciers are melting it adding more water to the sea. So if tempertures keep rising more glaciers will melt and the more water will rise to all glaciers melt.greenland and the antartic have glaciers so till all of the glaciers melt the sea level will keep rising.

Sea Level is Rising

Sea-level deviation on the picture in 1880 the millimeters is -150-100. Sea-level are rising in the 1880's. Sea-levels in 1880 are about -140 to 160 but as you can see in the graph sea levels are rising all the way to 100. Since we are in 2013 sea levels are rising higher in higher sea levels are gonna get higher just imagine what it is gonna be like in a few years .

Melting Glaciers

In the pictures below, you will see the affects of global warming in Alaska from 1941 until 2004. Because of temperature increase caused by global warming the glaciers are melting, which is forming a big river. The glaciers are not as big as it once was.

Melting Glaciers

The temperature is getting hotter on earth just look at the picture above of Alaska. In 1941 it was full of glaciers then in 2004 there are no can see the climate change . Muir Glaciers Alaska was very cold then got very hot witch caused glaciers to melt. now its not cold as it use to.

Greenhouse effect

when infared radiation from the sun can not get through. when heat is absorb and it warm something like the earth and making glaciers melt and that cause the sea level to rise.