Behavioral Adaptations


Communication is any form of behavior that sends a signal to any other organism. Communication uses talking, gestures, looks, and chemicals signs between animals. Each animal has a different way to communicate to one another. For an example insects, wolves and deer communicate by smell. They release pheromones to send messages to others. Pheromones play an important part in reproduction and other social behavior. Other animals will use sounds. Like when animals are looking for one another they will make sound. They can calling for one another. The closer the animal's ears are together, the shorter the sound will be and the closer they are getting to each other.


Hibernation is a state of inactivity where body temperature drops a lot, and breathing slows. Hibernation happens when the environment is cold and when there is lower metabolism. For example, bears hibernate. Bears will eat a lot of food in the warmer seasons like spring, summer and early fall. When it starts to get cold they will hibernate and sleep through winter. Then when it is spring they will come back out of there hibernation place and will start eating again. This cycle will repeat itself over and over again.