Where Is Middle-Earth


Germany landscape

Germany landscape has many rolling hills and mountains. There are many farms and many places where the Hobbits could live. There are many mountains that are by themselves, and many mountain ranges.

Their language

There are many languages in Germany. Such as English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Polish, Portuguese, Turkish, and other languages. Surprisingly German is one of the least spoken languages. The most common is English.
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This is where I think Middle-Earth is, because of all the countryside and landscape. There are many rolling hills and mountains. I think the mountain Matterhorn is the lonely mountain, because it fits the picture in the book. Finally, there are also lots of grasslands.

Third picture

This is for the third and last picture on the flyer. This picture depicts what the town of Dale looks like on the river next to the lonely mountain.

Counter Claim

This region is the best example of Middle-Earth, because it has all of the places that are depicted in the book. Such as the Lonely Mountain, the town of Dale, and Hobbiton.


In conclusion, This is the region I chose, because it also has all the other places that are in the Hobbit. Such as Rivendale, and the last homely house.
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This last picture represents Rivendale in the Hobbit.