Finance Credit Cards & Coupons

Finance Credit Cards & Coupons

First Time Credit Cards And Your New Years Resolution

Every day people break through to the unseen world of credit by getting first time credit cards. To some of us, this is arbitrary. Most of us have credit cards and use them everyday. But most of us, don't use our credit cards to help us organize our financial life and better ourselves. We use them to fulfill our buy now pay later mentality, and let's face it, this has a very bad effect on our lives. Wouldn't you agree?

This year I am making my New Years Resolution to do a couple of things that all work hand in hand. This is The first time I am doing this. My credit is beyond bad and my credit cards have very low limits on them.

1) Keep better track of my finances. Every day of my life, I spend money. even if it is 5 or 10 dollars for lunch. But what i don't do every day, is write down how much I spend. why? because it's annoying. this year, I will write down every single dollar I spend on a white board. It will be easy. i will simply save all of my receipts, and put them in a shoe box under the white board. and when i feel like it, I will go through them and write them on the board. this way I can see what I spend.

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2) I will pay off my credit card and have it be my sole use of finance. This way every dollar I spend is recorded not only on my white board, but on the credit card statement i receive through email, and i can view it at any time. At the end of every month, I will pay off my credit card in full. My credit card only has a 500 dollar limit on it, so it will be very easy not to spend beyond my means.

3) I will also write on my white board exactly what I spent my money on. So this way, when I am looking at it, i will say gee, I really didn't need that Kit Kat bar, or those cigarettes, and I will essentially be ashamed for spending money that I didn't need to, because it will be staring me in my face every day.

4) I read an article earlier this month that truly changed my life. It was all about conducting your life as a small business. and ti showed facts on why small business owners are different than non-business owners, and why 8/10 people do not own their own business. Every month I will compare my finances to the previous month and see exactly what I am spending and on what. Believe it or not, coupon clipping will become a significant part of my life.

I have started a blog for my program, and will record my spendings publicly. I invite all of you to join me, as of course this will work if we follow through on it. Anyone who wants to better themselves financially should join me, because we are products of our environments, and if we all are working on the same thing, naturally together we can become smarter financially. Happy Holidays Everyone, and Here's to a Happy and successful New Year!

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