The Giver

By Reynaldo Marte

Written by Lois Lowry

This book was about one kid, Jonas, who was selected to be the new receiver of memory. As weeks pass, he learns new things that he never experienced in his life and he thought it was a shame that other people couldn't deal with the emotions he was dealing with. So he and the Giver make a plan for Jonas to get to Elsewhere so the people can have the memories back. Before Jonas leaves, he takes Gabe with him. The Giver must stay to help the community deal with the memories. Along with Jonas's adventure, him and Gabe experience new things they never seen and experienced before.

Main Character:

The main character in the book was Jonas. He character is to play as a normal citizen of the community who was selected to be the receiver of memory. He faces challenges such as pain, pain that seem very real to him. He also starts feeling this feeling called emotions which he had never encountered before.

Quote from the novel

"Her name was Rosemary."


What part of the novel did you like the most?
Who would be your favorite character in the novel?
Would you like to make any changes in the novel?


I would rate this book 4 1/2 stars because there was one thing that really bothered me and left me hanging. The ending. The book was great, it had interesting and some funny events that I liked, but the ending was the one that really just left me dry. I was like really that's it. I will just wait until the next one.